Welcome to our Sunday School page!

Sunday School resumes on Sunday, September 11, 2022.  While Sunday School classes start after Holy Communion, the education of the Church begins at the beginning of the services. The children will learn that worship is the highest priority and teach them how we worship. The best thing we can do is come before 9:30 am to not miss the beginning of the service, “Blessed is the Kingdom,” so that they may hear and learn the hymns, see the small entrance, hear the Epistle and the Gospel which was all missed

Students will sit with their parents during the Divine Liturgy and will be the first ones to receive Holy Communion so that they can attend classes. This year’s staff includes Marissa Niaros Butter who will teach the Pre-School students in the Pappan Fellowship Hall. Joanie Ondrako will teach grades K-1 in an upstairs classroom. Paula Yakoumas will teach grades 2-3-4 in her regular classroom. Anastasia Lopez will be teaching grades 5-6-7-8 in the church office. Jaimie Economos will be teaching grades 9-12 in the Pappan Fellowship Hall. Many thanks to these fine ladies using their time and talents to teach our faith to our children.  We are blessed to have the following faithful and willing substitute teachers: Pres. Lena Athanasiou, Alexa Bovalino, Ali Cokus, Angel Barlamas, and Faith Dickinson.  If you would like to join our Sunday School team as a regular or substitute teacher, please contact Jackie Bennis or Fr. Anastasios.