Welcome to our new Sunday School page on our Website!


As we still making preparations for the School Year, during the month of September 2020 you will find resources here to help continue the education of our youth especially through the Great Feasts of The Nativity of the Theotokos and the Elevation of the Holy Cross.


PreK-1st Grade will be on SeeSaw with Miss Marissa Niaros! Please contact Jackie Bennis for more information.


September 27th

HOPE & JOY Questions

  1. What 3 disciples made up the "inner circle"?
  2. Who was John told to take care of after the Crucifixion?
  3. Who did John race to the tomb?


GOYA Questions

  1. What three kind of writings did John write?
  2. What does Theologian mean?
  3. John might have been one of the youngest disciples, maybe even 24 years old at the beginning of Christ's ministry.  Though he was young, what group did Christ include John in even at this young age?
  4. As teenagers, what lesson can you take away from the "young" life as a disciple of St. John?


September 20th



  1. What are the names of the 3 young saints who were martyred?  If these saints were in our Church today, they would be part of JOY, being between 9-12 years old.
  2. What does the word martyr mean in Greek?
  3. What kind of witness do you share?  How do you act around others?  Our actions usually speak louder than our words, we have to make sure we practice what we preach to the best that we are able.


GOYA Questions:

  1. Have you ever been asked why you do your cross? Or why you go to church? What do you say?  You answer is actually a part of the witness that you share with others.  Sometimes we can be ashamed, because we only make up a small portion of the population, to share what we actually believe, but it is really important that we learn how to.
  2. Have you ever been unable to answer someone else's question about your faith?  This answer, is most-likely YES.  These questions, though they make us embarassed, offer us an opportunity to learn something new.  Instead of shutting down and saying "we do it because that's what we do," we have the opportunity to dig deeper and find out a little more of the Truth.
  3. It what ways does Jesus show us how to be His followers and His witnesses?  What actions can you take to follow Jesus more?


September 13th




September 6th

Before Tuesday, September 8th, we invite all other grades to watch this video on the events leading up to the Nativity of the Theotokos, then watch the age specific video below.